The Rendevouz with Irene IV

Very exciting day today!

We got an opportunity to rendezvous with My good friend Louis Goor from Ireland who has embarked on a round the world trip in his beautiful Oyster 65 Irene IV. The boat hails from the Royal Irish Yacht club in Dublin. Their Journey started in Kinsale in Ireland and they sailed the boat across the Atlantic to Antigua. The first leg of their Round the World adventure was to sail from Falmouth Antigua to Grenada.

We had been planning a potential rendezvous for quite a while and weather, crew planning, customs and health check challenges all came together to make the meet up possible. The location – Right here in Prickly bay on the South coast of Grenada.

We followed Irene IV on their tracker and what a sight to see them sail into the harbour under full sail flying the Irish Tricolour.

Louis, his sister Sabine, friend Angus (who I last sailed with in Antigua week 2009) and Captain Stuart invited us on board for lunch and dinner and we spent several hours together reminiscing over a few beers and some fine wines.

The piece de resistance was Sabine’s fabulous Sour Dough bread (easy knowing she lives in Napa valley in the US).

Sabine, Mandy and Aoibhin went for a long swim over to a nearby beach while the lads checked out the good ship Bermuda.

Later we reconvened for a full sit down dinner onboard Irene IV. Sabine put together a fabulous dinner and in good Irish traditions the story telling went on late into the night, helped by a few Rum and Tings (A classic Antiguan cocktail which Louis first introduced me to in Antigua race week in 2009 when we raced on board his then boat – Irene II, a Dufour 54).

A big shout out to Louis, Sabine, Angus and Stuart for being such great hosts and we wish them a fair winds for the rest of their round the world adventure.

Point of note: The reference to 1922 in the video is of course 2022 – I’ll put that down to a momentary lapse in concentration rather than my age 🙂

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