Our Story

Opportunities come and go but this one was not to be missed.... A sailing adventure in the Caribbean.

Consistent Trade Winds, turquoise blue waters, laid back culture - For most sailors the Caribbean is definitely on the bucket list! I fleetingly "tasted" this amazing experience during my honeymoon in the BVIs 25 years ago and in Antigua Week 2008 and now I have a new opportunity to go back with my family to explore the Windward and Leeward islands of the eastern Caribbean on an extended cruise.

My family are "Born Sailors" and any time we need to get away from it all, we tend to look to the sea as our escape route.

This is one of those times.

My wife Mandy and I met in our college sailing club and have raced our own sailing boat, a 30 footer called Pepperbox for the last 20 years. Our Kids Aoibhín and Fiachra have just turned 16 and are very competent sailors and have helped us navigate around Ireland and the Scottish Isles.

For us its not all about the Rum Punches and the idyllic anchorages, although that's nice!! Its about the adventure. There will be some challenging sails between Islands with plenty of wind and big seas and navigation challenges to reach anchorages that are off the beaten track but this is the adventure we are here for. Join us as we explore sailor's paradise from Antigua to the spice islands of Grenada taking in some amazing places like Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines...

About the Boat

Our sailing boat is called "Bermuda".

She a Dufour 412 GL. At 12.7 Metres long (A little over 40 feet) she is a fast comfortable boat and well equipped for offshore sailing. Down below we have a 3 cabin layout. The kids each get their own space in the aft of the boat and Mandy and I have a cabin in the bow. It has two heads (bathrooms). Our 3 first world challenges are Water, power and Wifi access. We carry 380 Litres of water and power is generated via our engine and solar panels. WIFI is via Digicel wherever we can get signal. For safety and tracking purposes, we carry a Garmin inreach tracker that connects via satellite signal.

Follow our Journey

Track us live via satellite

Our position is tracked via satellites so you can follow our journey online. We use an app called "No Foreign land" to chart our position and post updates, photos and video.

Some of our stories

Our updates will be mostly via posts on our tracker but if anyone is curious about any aspect of our trip I might write a few words...